New Volkswagen Touareg gets new ADAS features


The new Volkswagen Touareg with progressive assistance systems

The technologies of the new Touareg “Traffic jam assistant” masters traffic jams and building sites under 55 km.

The driver is supported on board the luxury-class SUV targeted by assistance systems on request when driving, accelerating and braking. Thanks to the merger of different systems, the Touareg can handle semi-automated annoying stop-and-go situations with the “congestion assistant” active.

The camera-based lane assist system “Lane Assist” and the radar-based automatic distance control “ACC” assistance system merge to form the “traffic jam assistant”. Both systems must be active in order to have the extended semi-automated driving function available. The driver can turn on and off the “Traffic Jam Assistant” along with “Adaptive Guidance”. The “adaptive tracking” is an additional function of the “Lane Assist”, by which the vehicle is held in the center of the lane while the driver can assist in steering.

In traffic jams and construction sites, for example, the Volkswagen can follow in its lane the traffic ahead. Depending on the traffic flow, the SUV can also stop until it stops and automatically restart within a defined service life.

ACC, Lane Assist, Adaptive Guidance and Traffic Jam Assist are assistance functions that support the driver within their system limits. He therefore remains responsible for semi-automated driving and must monitor the driver assistance functions and keep his hands on the steering wheel. In addition, the driver must always be prepared to take corrective action to override the assistance functions, if necessary.

Source: Volkswagen


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