MY 2019 Ford Ranger equipped with Radar for towing capabilities


The new Ford Ranger is equipped with Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage. After hooking up a trailer, radar housed in Ranger’s taillights monitors blind spots all the way to the back of the trailer. The system keeps drivers informed of the presence of a vehicle in the truck’s blind spots until that vehicle passes. Ranger can store up to three trailer profiles, including a trailer’s length, to let the radar system know how far back to provide warnings when another vehicle is traveling next to the trailer.

In addition the advanced Blind Spot Information System can tell the driver when vehicles are in the truck’s blind spot when a trailer is not attached as well and from its cross-traffic alert technology, the system can warn drivers of an oncoming vehicle when they are backing out of a parking spot. Blind Spot Information System is standard on Ranger XLT and Lariat models.

Source: Ford


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