Mobileye’s safety model to be integrated into Apollo program by Baidu


Baidu to integrate and commercially deploy Mobileye’s Responsibility Sensitive Safety (RSS) model in both the open source Project Apollo and commercial Apollo Pilot programs. Baidu also announced plans to adopt Mobileye’s Surround Computer Vision Kit as the visual perception solution; it will be integrated as part of Baidu’s proposition to the Chinese OEM market.

RSS is an open and transparent formal model that provides safety assurance of AV decision-making. It formalizes human notions of safe driving into a verifiable model with logically provable rules, defines appropriate responses, and ensures that only safe decisions are made by the automated vehicle and that the automated vehicle will do everything it can to avoid being involved in unsafe situations initiated by others.

Mobileye’s RSS formulas will be integrated into the existing safety model (known as “DPS”) of Baidu’s Apollo Pilot. This deployment version of Project Apollo is being developed for multiple Chinese OEMs.

Source: Intel


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