HERE and Pioneer/Increment P form partnership to enable global map solutions


HERE and Pioneer/Increment P form partnership to enable global map solutions for the autonomous driving era

HERE Technologies (HERE), the Netherlands-based global provider of mapping and location services, and Increment P Corporation (IPC), a mapping subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation (Pioneer), the global car electronics company, have signed definitive agreements with the aim of enabling global mapping solutions for the autonomous driving era. The intent to enter into this partnership was previously jointly announced by the companies in February 2017.

“We are pleased to be moving forward with our exciting partnership with Pioneer,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO, HERE. “This underscores our approach to provide a truly global offering of mapping and location data services for our customers.”

“We are very pleased that our strategic partnership with HERE is progressing,” said Susumu Kotani, President and CEO. “We believe that by utilizing each other’s standard definition (SD) map data and contributing to the development of high definition (HD) mapping for autonomous driving, the companies can create new business opportunities.”

Under the partnership, the companies are moving forward on key initiatives, including the following:

Global SD (standard definition) map offering

HERE and IPC are collaborating on the global supply of SD map data. The companies are now able to utilize and resell each other’s SD map data in current and future products and services. Customers can benefit from the product consistency and quality control that comes from both companies being able to provide global solutions to their customers. HERE and IPC expect to start seeing the benefits of this collaboration as early as the second half of this fiscal year.

Global HD (high definition) map offering to support vehicles across all levels of automation

HERE and IPC are developing a proof of concept for HD mapping, which will be a vital technology in ensuring autonomous vehicles can transport passengers safely, efficiently and comfortably. The goal of this initiative is to enable the two companies to offer global and consistent HD mapping data to companies building autonomous vehicles. Both companies intend to collaborate with Dynamic Map Planning Co., Ltd.* which will provide the foundation layer of the HD map in Japan. IPC is already an investor, while HERE is currently in discussions regarding collaboration as a non-investing alliance partner.

*Dynamic Map Planning Co., Ltd. will change its name to Dynamic Map Platform Co. Ltd on 30 June, 2017.

Source: Pioneer


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