Groupe PSA and Inria create an OpenLab for AI applications


Groupe PSA and Inria today announced the creation of an OpenLab dedicated to artificial intelligence. The studied areas will include autonomous and intelligent vehicles, mobility services, manufacturing, design development tools, the design itslelf and digital marketing as well as quality and finance.

This OpenLab ensures the synergy of PRAIRIE Institute. The results of the fundamental research led by the Institute will stimulate research into topics that are applicable to the automotive industry.

The AI OpenLab adds to a global network of 18 existing facilities for Groupe PSA, with 12 in France, four in China, one in Brazil and one in Morocco. As research facilities, OpenLabs pool together teams and experimental resources from Groupe PSA and its partner laboratories, in line with Groupe PSA’s Open Innovation policy and its StelLab network, created in 2010 to encourage scientific discussion.

Source: Groupe PSA


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