GoVue from Rear View Safety offers smartphone app for back up camera



Rear View Safety Debuts GoVue, the First Back Up Camera Smartphone App Rear View Safety, a leading consumer safety organization and number one back up camera distributor, continues to embrace the best that technology has to offer with the release of GoVue. The first ever back up camera smartphone app makes the visual information from your car’s Wi-Fi back up camera system available on many of today’s popular smartphones and tablet devices, including those that run on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Rear View Safety is the first company of its kind to launch a back up camera smartphone app just in time for the holidays. The GoVue app is designed to make sure that drivers have all of the information that they need for the safest ride possible at all times.

The setup process for the GoVue back up camera system is exceedingly easy and can be completed in just a few short moments. Once the GoVue app has been installed on a mobile phone or tablet, the information then appears on screen within the application in real-time.

The GoVue application is compatible with some of today’s most popular back up camera systems that transmit information via Wi-Fi technology. The RVS-020770, for example, features a 130-degree viewing angle and is also weatherproof, allowing it to withstand the effects of both dust and rain. It also has a distance range of up to 100 feet and features easy installation with free wiring.

Source: Rear View Safety


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