ESI releases Pro-SiVIC 2017 to support the development of ADAS & AV systems


ESI Group, announces the release of its sensor simulation platform Pro-SiVIC 2017. ESI Pro-SiVIC allows industrial manufacturers to virtually test the operational performance of various perception systems (sensors) onboard a vehicle, thereby supporting the development of functions such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving Systems and Advanced Lighting Systems. After the launch of new physics-based sensor models last year, the new version of Pro-SiVIC focuses on usability and delivers significant acceleration of time-consuming tasks related to scene preparation and definition of vehicle motion. This release also enables the import of external dynamic models from third-party software that engineers may use in conjunction with Pro-SIVIC, eliminating cumbersome file transfers and compatibility issues.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, ESI teamed up with leading automotive supplier DURA to introduce an innovative way to test automotive systems virtually, using Pro-SiVIC. Together, the companies developed a realistic 3D simulation environment representing part of the city of Las Vegas — including actual road layouts, road signs, and pedestrians — and conducted virtual tests of driver assistance and autonomous systems. The application clearly demonstrated the ability of Pro-SiVIC to support the development of safer automotive systems and to virtually perform extensive tests to assess their reliability. Not only can this save thousands of hours of driving tests, but the capability also empowers designers, manufacturers of automotive systems and OEMs to better understand the behavior of their products in real life, and thus to deliver greater innovations at a faster pace.

To facilitate scene preparation — one of the major time-consuming steps of the virtual testing process – the Pro-SiVIC development team focused on delivering greater interoperability with related tools. For example, a new import module supports the import of OpenDrive files, an open source format widely used in the industry for the description of virtual scenes.

Source: ESI


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