Clarion releases next gen SurroundEye video safety system


Clarion SurroundEye

Clarion has launched its generation “SurroundEye” safety system. Building upon the conventional visual field support system that was developed to eliminate blind spots for drivers, the SurroundEye is a new video system that offers enhanced image processing security support and contributes to providing surveillance and preventive safety using cooperative control support.

Clarion’s SurroundEye is a video system that provides a bird’s-eye-view display of the surrounding information of vehicles using multiple cameras. By displaying high-precision synthetic images with Clarion’s original image processing technology which utilizes four cameras which are attached to vehicles, the video system provides peripheral vision for drivers and also supports safe driving and parking.

The newly exhibited next-generation SurroundEye transmits the megapixel images from the car cameras digitally, and reduces image degradation using digital ECU processing that improves image quality up to triple the visibility of current systems. With this increased precision, images surrounding the car can be seen with even more detail with enhanced distances, and enables drivers to intuitively view their surrounding situation. Clarion offers an improved surveillance and preventive safety system that not only provides improved image recognition technology but also offers warning support when driving and parking a vehicle.

Source: Clarion


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