CES: Hyundai shows autonomous driving and narrow passage support


Hyundai narrow passage

Hyundai believes in advanced driver assistance systems for enhancing customer safety and convenience. Six new systems will be shown at CES. These systems have a high probability of being production ready in the near future.

Hyundai IMA

Advanced driver assistance systems need to be functional, efficient and intervene only at appropriate times. This is because every road and driver is different. Hyundai is working to provide the optimal level of support for each road and situation.

Remote auto parking
This system will make all parking maneuvers automatically
Connectivity among vehicles, infrastructure, and devices (referred to as V2X)
V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian)
Collision with pedestrian warning
V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure)
Traffic signal information (current signal phase and countdown to change), speed suggestion, school zone info, weather
V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle)
Emergency braking, intersection assist, emergency vehicle warning, road construction warning, do not pass warning
Driving Aids
Highway driving assist
Distance/speed control
Lane guidance control
Automatic speed adjustment
Emergency stop
If the wearable device determines that the driver is impaired, this system safely guides the vehicle to the shoulder and stops it
Narrow path assist
Recognizes the vehicle is traveling on a very narrow path and automatically controls lateral movements
Variable speed limit system
Automatically varies vehicle speed for current conditions
Traffic jam assist
Virtual lane generation
Distance/speed control under low speed conditions
Pedestrian Alert
If a collision with a pedestrian is imminent, the vehicle issues a warning sound and activates the brakes

Source: Hyundai


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