Canberra drivers invited to take part in automated vehicle trial


Ken Kroeger, Chairman & CEO of Seeing Machines, launches Phase 1 of CAN Drive in Canberra

Seeing Machines has launched phase one of its automated vehicle trial, CAN Drive, supported by the Rachel Stephe-Smith MLA and the ACT Government, which has committed A$1.35m to the project.

CAN Drive is getting underway at Canberra’s Sutton Driver Training Track and will be testing how quickly a driver can be ready to resume control of an automated vehicle.

The Seeing Machines software monitors the driver’s facial movements and expressions to determine whether they are paying sufficient attention and sounds an alert if they need to look at the road and retain full control of the vehicle.


Seeing Machines is calling for Canberra drivers who are interested in taking part in the trial. Following this first phase at Sutton Driver Training Track, the trial will progress to phase twowhere it is expected to move to Canberra’sroads to study driver behaviour in real world conditions.

Source: Seeing Machine



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