Bridgestone uses automated driving for tire tests


Bridgestone Corporation, together with ZMP Inc., has launched a development project aimed at utilizing automated driving in tire noise tests. This project entails outsourcing the development of an automated driving system that incorporates Bridgestone’s tire test expertise to ZMP and are working to achieve SAE-Level 4 automated driving of unmanned vehicles for practical application in tire noise tests in 2019.

In this project, ZMP conducts development of technologies for automated driving of vehicles for movement within proving grounds tire noise tests using its automated driving vehicle, RoboCar MiniVan and Bridgestone’s expertise in various tire tests since tire noise regulations have been introduced in Europe, Asia, Japan and other countries and regions around the world, a trend that is indicative of a larger movement calling for the reduction of the noise produced by tires when driving.

Source: Bridgestone


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