Bosch and Safelite collaborate on ADAS windshield recalibration tools



Experts at Safelite AutoGlass are ready to solve the latest complication in windshield replacement: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems recalibration. More commonly known as ADAS, these features automate car safety by alerting the driver to potential problems and helping them to avoid collisions. ADAS is dependent on cameras often mounted to windshields.

Working closely with Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier according to Automotive News, Safelite is introducing recalibration tools this fall with the goal of having them available in at least one location in each market by the end of the year. The tools have been extensively tested and are expected to cover approximately 90 percent of the vehicle makes by mid-2017.

“We are committed to the safety of our customers,” said President and CEO Tom Feeney. “The tools offer customers a convenient one-stop solution for windshield replacement and recalibration by trusted experts in the field.”

ADAS features are available in the most common cars, not just premium models. Today in the U.S., there are 800 ADAS windshield SKUs and growing.

The tools are designed to address the wide variety of different types of recalibration needed – no make or model is the same. Technicians will be trained to perform all types of recalibration.

“This is a significant investment we’re making,” Feeney added. “As the leader in our industry, we believe it’s our duty to be on the forefront of solutions for addressing this new need in our market. Our customers and our insurance and fleet clients can continue to expect us to lead the way in this continuously evolving technology.”

Source: Prnewswire


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