Bosch and Foreca develop predictive road-condition alert system for automated vehicles


Foreca has joined Bosch to provide weather data for seat-of-the-pants system to prevent hazards such as wet roads, snow, ice ensuring an automated vehicle can self navigate using data from the cloud.

Bosch is relying on a multiphase concept by the time of its planned launch in 2020 estimating it would take some 20 million connected cars to cover the roughly 80,000 kilometers of freeway in Europe alone. For this reason, road-weather forecasts will initially be the only reliable source of information for drawing sound conclusions about road conditions, especially in rural areas where there is less traffic. In this way, the two companies have achieved a safety standard of the kind that will be necessary for life-critical systems such as automated driving.

Bosch will supplement its predictive road-condition services with vehicle data. These data will include information stored on the CAN bus, such as the temperatures measured inside and outside the vehicle, and whether the windshield wipers are in use. In addition, Bosch will evaluate the regular interventions by the ESP anti-skid system. Using mathematical methods measuring the friction coefficient of the road surface at each individual wheel, as well as the status of each wheel and resulting in smart Bosch services.

Source: Bosch


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