Autonomous driving demos witnessed in the 2018 Sino-German government collaboration


Future automated driving

As part of the 2018 Sino-German government consultations, a special event with driving demonstrations took place on Tuesday, 10 July on the tarmac of Tempelhof airport.

During the event, Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and China’s Prime Minister Li Keqian watched a demonstration of automated vehicles and cooperations between the German automobile manufacturers and Chinese partners.

Automated testing was demonstrated using an E-Class. Under computer control, the vehicle precisely and repeatedly covers pre-programmed trajectories. This also allows the testing of safety-critical manoeuvres on enclosed areas. The actuators installed in the vehicle to control acceleration, braking and steering are not operated by the safety driver, as they are directly controlled by the computer.

To further the automation of automated driving, test platforms such as the statically displayed S-Class for multimodal recording and data collation of traffic scenes using camera and lidar technology are used in China and Germany as part of the cooperative arrangements with the renowned Tsinghua University. The aim is to improve the registration and intention prediction of vulnerable road users for future use in fully-automated vehicles.

One day previously, on 9 July, in the presence of Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, both parties signed an agreement in the Federal Chancellory for further intensification of the research cooperation in the fields of automated driving and intelligent mobility.

Source: Daimler


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