Autoliv joins project OSCCAR for future automotive safety


Autoliv has joined the new European H2020 research project OSCCAR to improve the protection and safety for occupants of the future vehicle.

By partnering with vehicle manufacturers, research organizations and other automotive suppliers in the new research project OSCCAR (Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars), Autoliv will contribute to harmonized methods and tools for future restraint development.

The project will provide input to regulation and consumer tests on how future occupant protection can be assessed by including tools such as crash test dummies and human body models, and risk functions. Guiding principles and concepts for occupant protection will be developed and assessed by using harmonized human body models for complex test cases and with consideration of heterogeneity characteristics like gender, age and other demographic factors, allowing for a dedicated and individual increase in safety for the occupant population.

Source: Autoliv


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