Audi and HERE collaborate to offer enhanced services


Audi and HERE Technologies continue to integrate their services for even greater customer benefit. In the new Audi A8 sedan, the automobile manufacturer offers an array of technologies and services created by the map developer. Audi participates in HERE together with other companies. Both sides plan to intensify their collaboration in future.

The navigation software in the car uses the HERE database and also evaluates information on the course of the road. This includes the number and direction of lanes, the edges of the roadway, bends, descents and inclines, junctions, roundabouts and city limits. This data is used by various safety, convenience and efficiency functions such as predictive adaptive cruise control (pACC) and predictive efficiency assist PEA. The central driver assistance controller (zFAS) also processes the data. The controller receives the road data along the route from the navigation system, merges this with the data picked up by the on-board sensors and uses the results to determine e.g. the exact position of the car in its lane. The map data in the Audi A8 is updated automatically every three months over the permanent online connection.

In the medium term, Audi will also team up with HERE for traffic sign information and hazard information, which are car-to-X services from the connect portfolio. The Audi models A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 use their on-board sensors to gather this information on speed limits and hazard points. At the moment, the information is still collected on Audi servers, processed and made available to Audi drivers.

One of HERE’s main projects is the HD Live Map. This provides the digital basis for future piloted driving. The new data platform describes the traffic space as a three-dimensional model with unprecedented precision. It is accurate down to the centimeter rather than the meter, and dynamic rather than static. The HERE HD Live Map is currently in the setup phase, and the new Audi A8 is already prepared for this technology.

Source: Audi


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