Argus and Phantom collaborate to secure remote operation of AVs

ARGUS-Cyber-Security Logo

ARGUS-Cyber-Security Logo

Argus Cyber Security and Phantom Auto have partnered to ensure the security of teleoperation safety technology in vehicles. Argus Connectivity Protection, integrated in Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology, will detect and block attacks in real-time and prevent them from proliferating to the in-vehicle network.

Cyber security challenges in the automotive sector are becoming increasingly significant as AVs become a reality and as the number of heterogeneous applications and services that run on AVs or interact with them grows, including teleoperation safety technologies. In addressing this issue, the California Department of Motor Vehicles mandates: (1) the use of remote operation for driverless testing, and (2) “a certification that AVs meet appropriate and applicable current industry standards to help defend against, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks, unauthorized intrusions, or false vehicle control commands.”


Source: Argus


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