Analog Device partners with Baidu on Project Apollo


Analog Devices has signed a MoU with Baidu to jointly advance autonomous driving. The collaboration is expected to enhance autonomous driving solutions for Project Apollo, Baidu’s autonomous driving system platform, including sensor fusion, algorithms and ecosystem partners.

ADI and Baidu will share resources and technologies to further develop the sensing and navigation application for Project Apollo including RADAR, LIDAR, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), A2B/C2B bus, and digital signal processing (DSP) products.

The quality of ADI’s sensor data allows the AI to be better informed about the world around it and make the decisions well in advance of potential obstacles, helping to reduce the chances of autonomous vehicle accidents. In addition, ADI’s Drive360 navigation and perception solution – comprising RADAR, LIDAR and IMUs – functions as a safety shield around the vehicle, as these three sensing modalities are fused together, giving the vehicle its sense of sight and feeling.

Source: Analog Devices


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