Smart Eye and Green Hills Software have announced their expanded collaboration, which will focus on delivering integrated DMS platforms for rapid Tier 1 and OEM adoption and use.

Through the partnership, the companies have integrated their technologies to build a DMS platform that allows OEMs to efficiently develop and confidently deploy essential safety- and security-critical in-cabin applications at a quicker time-to-market. The partners confirmed that the DMS solution is road-ready, and already in production with several OEMs.

The DMS platform itself utilizes Smart Eye’s core DMS software with the ASIL-certified Integrity RTOS from Green Hills to detect driver distraction and drowsiness by analyzing facial expressions and eye gaze in real time. The combination of these systems meets key safety and security requirements, supports regulatory compliance, and offers support on a wide range of automotive processors while providing scalability for the evolving needs of automotive applications.

Also included in the joint solution is support for the Green Hills ASIL-certified MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) and C/C++ compilers, which help increase productivity, enable developers to find and fix bugs more quickly, and optimize applications on multicore processors such as the TI AM62A Sitara processor. The MULTI IDE’s advanced History event viewer and TimeMachine back-in-time debugger similarly helps developers overcome difficult bugs and performance bottlenecks, while preventing future software problems in deployed systems.

Smart Eye and Green Hills Software’s DMS will be demonstrated in the Green Hills booth at CES 2024 on a Texas Instruments AM62A Sitara automotive processor.