SiLC Technologies has announced the launch of the Eyeonic Vision System, its compact vision system. While leveraging high resolution, high precision, and long range capabilities, the FMCW LiDAR solution also offers polarization information.

The Eyeonic Vision System integrates SiLC’s photonics technology into an available turnkey vision solution that helps reduce time to market for manufacturers seeking to incorporate machine vision into their products. Intended for use in robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart cameras and other advanced products, the Eyeonic Vision System helps identify and avoid objects with very low latency, even at distances greater than one kilometer.

At the core of the system is SiLC’s fully integrated silicon photonics chip. With roughly 10 milli-degrees of angular resolution and mm-level precision, the company has said it provides more than ten times the definition and precision of legacy LiDAR offerings. These heightened specifications enable the Eyeonic Vision Sensor to measure the shape and distance of objects with high precision over long distances.

The new Vision System couples the Eyeonic Vision Sensor with a digital processing solution based on a powerful field-programmable gate array. Its compact, flexible, design helps facilitate the synchronization of multiple vision sensors – allowing for a high volume of data points to be processed per second. Supporting multiple scanner options, and providing customers with the flexibility to tailor their designs, the sensor works similarly to maximize performance for distance and field of vision for their application. It is accompanied by a broad range of accessories.

SiLC customers will have the opportunity to see the Eyeonic Vision System at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, where the company will be offering live demonstrations on the show floor.