Scantinel, a LiDAR startup has received growth financing through Scania Growth Capital.

LiDAR is considered the key technology for safety of autonomous vehicles. Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) LiDAR – a bulky abbreviation for a disruptive technology – will help autonomous driving to achieve a breakthrough and, according to experts, will displace the currently used Time of Light (TOF) LiDAR systems from the market.

“The LiDAR market is further consolidating and it’s becoming clearer which technologies and startups will eventually make it to mass production. Here at ZEISS, we are proud that Scantinel is among the ones that succeed in attracting new investors, “explains Gerrit Schulte, Head of ZEISS Ventures.

Scantinel offers unique FMCW LiDAR technology that delivers a new dimension of data to make cars safer and, eventually, autonomous. This new technology makes it possible to measure distances to objects in the plus-300-meter range with a high level of integration, solid state scanning and competitive pricing, which is key for autonomous vehicles.