Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation’s (SAIC) Innovation Center is demonstrating its automated, all-electric shuttle around a defined loop of the solar-panel-lined West Village community as part of an agreement between the auto company and University of California, Davis (UC Davis).

This arrangement provides researchers with the Institute of Transportation Studies, or ITS-Davis, and its China Center for Energy and Transportation with an opportunity to conduct perceptional and behavioral surveys among residents and shuttle riders at no cost to UC Davis.

The six-passenger shuttle has the capability to drive autonomously, but a professional driver will be on board the vehicle ready to assist at all times. Operating only in daylight at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, the shuttle will take a 1.3-mile route along Tilia, Sage, Hutchison and Celadon streets.

The shuttle will initially carry SAIC personnel. Provided initial demonstrations are successful, it will expand to transporting passengers along the route.