SAE International will hold a Meetup to discuss how drivers respond when autopilot disengages, and what implications such actions may have on regulatory efforts.

Presented by SAE – Innovations in Mobility, “Driver Reactions to Autopilot Disengagements and Regulatory Implications” will be held in San Jose, California on March 6th.

The featured speaker will be Florence Favaro, PhD, Research Associate for the Mineta Transportation Institute.

Dr. Favaro will cover the results of a recently concluded study that analyzed the reactions of human drivers placed in simulated Autonomous Technology disengagement scenarios. The study was executed in a human-in-the-loop setting, within fka SV’s high-fidelity immersive, static Driving Simulator, capable of handling both manual and autonomous driving.

A population of 40 individuals was tested, with metrics for control takeover quantification given by:

  • Response times (considering inputs of steering, throttle, and braking)
  • Vehicle drift from the lane centerline after takeover as well as overall (integral) drift over an S-turn curve compared to a baseline obtained in manual driving
  • Accuracy metrics to quantify human factors associated with the simulation experiment

Independent variables considered for the study were the age of the driver, the speed at the time of disengagement, and the time at which the disengagement occurred (i.e., how long automation was engaged for).

The presentation will feature the main findings in relation to the investigated variables and how each affected (or not) the driver’s performance to the disengagement.