RoboSense, a provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems, has announced its first automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR perception solution for L4 autonomous driving – the RS-Fusion-P6.

Integrating advanced software and hardware support from RoboSense, the solution provides precise and intelligent environmental perception capabilities – allowing autonomous vehicles to navigate through complex driving scenarios more easily. For customers, P6 will help reduce costs and increase efficiency while promoting the rapid implementation of large-scale autonomous driving commercial operations.

P6 offers a complete set of environmental perception functions – including road sign detection, dynamic and static obstacle detection, free space detection, and multi-LiDAR sensor fusion. It also comes with installation, deployment, calibration, and debugging service support to guarantee environmental perception in all scenarios across various autonomous driving projects.

As an automotive-grade solid-state LiDAR perception solution, the P6 integrates hardware based on two-dimensional MEMS scanning technology and software based on AI technology. Here, P6 can provide two to eight M series LiDARs that can be deployed on any part of the vehicle body according to customer needs. The solution is also designed to be suitable for many autonomous driving applications – customizable to the specific needs of different vehicle platforms and applications – while providing enhanced performance and accuracy for a range of autonomous driving scenarios, such as city streets and highways.

Equipped with four M-series solid-state LiDARs, the P6 offers dynamic switching and high-resolution long-distance detection capabilities, enabling intelligent perception over a 360-degree horizontal range, and allowing it to detect traffic conditions up to 200 meters away. The sensor can quickly process this data and provide feedback to the autonomous driving control center, allowing the vehicle to react quickly in response to any changes in the driving environment.

P6 is also equipped with Perception, RoboSense’s real-time point cloud perception software. With it, P6 will be able to accurately process complex traffic environment information. Even in challenging driving scenarios, such as mixed traffic and inclement weather conditions, it can accurately identify pedestrians, EVs, cars, trucks, and other obstacles while tracking their speed, acceleration, and location.

In real-world autonomous driving scenarios, P6 will leverage its sensitive environmental perception capabilities. When a P6-equipped vehicle enters the highway, for example, the M-series LiDARs will observe the vehicles surroundings for it. Its ‘GAZE’ function will switch modes dynamically and activate a high-resolution remote detection mode to quickly feed the traffic conditions (beyond 100 meters) back into Perception. After calculation and recognition, P6 will quickly send the perception results to the autonomous driving control center and the vehicle will react accordingly. RoboSense claims that this entire process takes place in milliseconds.