RoboSense has announced a new partnership with Toyota on large-scale production with nominated orders for multiple models. As part of the partnership, RoboSense will join the OEM’s supply chain system and collaborate with it on a number of popular models from FAW-Toyota, the OEM’s China-based joint venture with First Automobile Works.

These models will be equipped with RoboSense’s RS-LiDAR-M series LiDAR (also known as M-series), providing them with enhanced perception capabilities and driving safety. Designed for vehicle series production, the sensor adopts a chip-based 2D scanning solution that offers enhanced performance and reliability. RoboSense said that the M-series has to date obtained nominated orders for more than 50 models from several automakers, including Toyota, with an expected order volume exceeding 10 million units.

While providing Toyota’s vehicles with new ADAS capabilities, the collaboration will work further to promote the series production and large-scale application of LiDAR across the automotive industry. Prior to its partnership with Toyota, RoboSense had partnered with BYD – an EV-focused OEM based in China.