announced it has selected AWare Renovo’s production-grade OS for automated mobility, as its development and commercialization platform. gains access to the ecosystem of AWare-compatible vehicles, sensors, and other third-party technologies and services that interact with its automated driving system (ADS). By providing automotive safety infrastructure and a full microservice abstraction of the vehicle, compute and sensors, AWare allows to focus on its core HeteroSync & DeepFusion ADS technologies, while safely, reliably, and cost-effectively interfacing with third-party technologies and services across a wide range of vehicles.’s first AWare-powered vehicle model is the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan.

The Renovo AWare OS provides a vehicle-independent abstraction API and range of microservices that allows developers of a range of technologies necessary for commercial automated mobility services, to write applications that can be deployed at scale. AWare has the necessary performance to run demanding Automated Driving Systems (ADS) as well as the safety and security features required for automotive validation. AWare features multiple computational domains including low-level safety controllers.