Renesas Electronics Corporation, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced a new device that will enable OEMs to deliver HD video over low-cost cables and connectors. The new RAA279974 4-channel AHL video decoder can process four input sources simultaneously, providing an economical solution for surround-view and multi-camera applications.

The AHL technology uses a modulated analog signal to transmit video, with a frequency 10 times lower than more commonly used digital transmission solutions (~37MHz vs. >3GHz), making it robust against noise and enabling longer transmission distances (20-30m) with unshielded twisted pair cables and standard connectors. Existing SD analog video cables and connectors can also be employed. The cables themselves help OEMs reduce costs, can more easily be routed through the vehicle, and offer a lighter weight for improved energy efficiency and performance.

The RAA279974 completes the company’s AHL family of products, which consist of the RAA279971, a single channel AHL video encoder, and the RAA279972, a single channel AHL video decoder. AHL can be paired with Renesas’ R-Car Automotive SoCs, RH850 MCUs, automotive PMICs, and analog components to cost-effectively implement numerous safety features in many vehicles.

Renesas confirmed that its four-channel RAA279974 AHL decoder samples and evaluation boards are available now. The company also offers the RTKA279974ZK0000BU Camera Kit Bundle evaluation system, which includes four AHL cameras integrated with the RAA279971 AHL encoder.