• Advanced electric mobility platform maker REE will introduce concept platform for super versatile electric and autonomous vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show next week as part of its collaboration with a global leading OEM to shape the mobility concept of the future

REE announced that its ultra-modular, advanced, corner module for electric and autonomous vehicles (EVs and AVs) will be displayed alongside a global OEM partner at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show. Details of the OEM partnership will be revealed on October 23rd, the first press day of the event. Visitors at this year’s exhibition will see product demos of REE’s corner module technology that is poised to upend automotive manufacturing.

REE brings unmatched modularity and efficiency to the electric-mobility landscape. The company has redesigned all drive vehicle components that are typically found on the chassis, including the motor, steering, suspension, drivetrain, data unit for AI preventative maintenance, brake, thermal systems, and electronics, and engineered them into a compact area of the wheel arches – known as corner modules.

REE’s corner module technology not only brings greater efficiency to the mobility of people and goods, but it will enable mobility players to provide advanced services never before possible, reshaping the future of e-mobility. REE’s modular technology is designed from its core to support the diverse range of shapes, services and requirements the new e-mobility world brings.

The super-efficient space allowed by REE’s technology not only enables newfound vehicle design and configuration freedoms, it also allows for more batteries, safety technology, and storage to be integrated seamlessly. The reduction in weight means lower running costs and reduced environmental footprint. And because the technology is modular, maintenance is simplified and fast. REE’s solution works with any electric vehicle to bring new driving value and efficiency as well as reduced vehicle development and maintenance costs to OEMs and drivers alike.