Zadar Labs has raised $5.6M in seed funding led by Tim Kentley Klay, founder of autonomous vehicle companies Zoox (acquired by Amazon) and HYPR. Other investors include Leslie Ventures, Jeff Rothschild, Plug and Play, and Mentors Fund.

Though the company is only releasing samples for evaluation, Zadar has already made impressive progress in reducing the cost of advanced radar. Production units are expected in the low hundreds of dollars with continued reductions as volumes increase. This price efficiency is essential to scaling robotic technologies such as autonomous driving into the mainstream.

Zadar has already released their mid-range sensor, zSIGNAL, reaching 250 meter range. The sensor is currently under evaluation by several customers in the autonomous vehicle space. Zadar is looking to further support customers in 2021 through the launch of their long-range sensor, zPRIME. The new platform will be capable of 400 meter range with resolution comparable to LiDAR.

Zadar was founded in 2019 by a pair of autonomous vehicle veterans, Mahmoud Saadat and Mo Emadi, after the two met while working at Lyft Level 5, the ride-share company’s autonomous division. CEO Saadat is a Zoox alum as well as Stanford Engineering PhD. CTO Emadi is a leader in the radar industry and led many top projects at Qualcomm before joining Lyft.