Quantum announces an in-vehicle storage solution designed specifically for mobile and remote capture of video and other IoT sensor data. It simplifies data ingest by including unique features that automate the process of offloading data to a StorNext shared storage environment. The new offering, combined with Quantum’s StorNext high performance parallel file system, enables a complete workflow for autonomous vehicle development.

Quantum Mobile Storage comprises unique features such as:

  • Small Form Factor Chassis Design: Minimizes storage space, enabling more room for ECUs, compute or other hardware components.
  • Magazine Carrier: Optional ruggedized case provides protection and security for drive magazines during storage and transport. Quantum Mobile Storage incorporates a unique removable magazine design that enables the fastest transport of data from the vehicle to the garage or datacenter. The removable magazine also allows for long duration test drives where full magazines can be swapped with empty ones so the test drive can continue collecting data without visiting the garage.
  • Designed for Automotive Use: Ruggedized unit operates in a broad range of environmental conditions necessary for proper vehicle testing; 12VDC power ensures easy integration, efficient power use and reliable operation.
  • RAID Support: Ensures high performance and reliability, including RAID 5 or RAID 6 for added protection.
  • Automated Ingest: Quantum leverages StorNext FlexSync to simplify the data ingest process.

Quantum Mobile Storage will be generally available in early 2019.