Quantum has announced the release of a new end-to-end reference architecture for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) systems. By enhancing the acquisition, movement, storage, and curation of the data necessary to develop autonomous vehicle software, the unique architecture is designed to address the specific needs of every stage of ADAS/AD development.

It enables autonomous vehicle developers to unleash the power of their data and spearhead the next era of self-driving innovation.

The vast amount of data generated during autonomous vehicle development illustrates the scale of  challenges faced by AV manufacturers. The test vehicles typically capture terabytes of sensor data per hour generated by multiple video cameras, LiDARs, and Radars. ADAS/AD development systems rely on collecting and processing these large amounts of unstructured data to build sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) models and algorithms, requiring intelligent and efficient data management. By utilizing the new end-to-end reference architecture, developers take advantage of Quantum’s complete portfolio of end-to-end data management solutions that deliver the level of performance, capacity and scalability required for ADAS/AD systems.