Quanergy Systems has announced the successful driving demonstration of its S3 Series LiDAR, conducted in partnership with Zero Electric Vehicle Inc. This solid-state LiDAR sensor adopts Optical Phased Array (OPA) technology, and a scalable CMOS silicon manufacturing process, to enable cost-effective, mass-market production.

For the test, a solid-state LiDAR test platform with a single scanning beam was mounted on a vehicle with additional cameras to facilitate visual viewing. The test vehicle then followed a target vehicle driving in bright sunlight at a variety of ranges (from a close proximity to a distance of 100 meters) while maintaining safety at all times. A target with 10% reflectivity was chosen to simulate very difficult-to-detect objects.

Quanergy has designed the S3 Series LiDAR sensor to meet stringent automotive requirements for object detection and collision avoidance. The sensor’s electronic beam steering, made without any moving parts, offers immunity to shock and vibration.

The S3 Series provides over 100,000 hours mean time between failures and is targeting a price of $500 to facilitate its use in mass-market production.