Quanergy Systems has announced a partnership with Chery Automobile. On June 20, 2019, Chery unveiled the logo of its new brand, Chery Lion, and announced its strategic plan to collaborate with selected partners to solve the many technological challenges of the ecosystem. Quanergy joined Chery Lion’s Smart Partner program as a LiDAR partner, to encourage the promotion of autonomous driving and smart cities in China.

Quanergy’s automotive grade S3 solid-state LiDARs are based on optical phased arrays (OPA) fabricated on CMOS silicon. Fully transistorized, and without moving parts of any scale, these sensors offer an unparalleled level of quality and reliability. In addition, the CMOS silicon anodes used in the manufacture of wafers are mature, which allows for rapid scaling of high efficiency manufacturing and meeting performance requirements at the lowest price on the market.

To bring about the era of autonomous vehicles, smart city infrastructure plays a crucial role: that of road finisher. In smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) features connect vehicles to essential digital information, reducing congestion and making roads safer.

Based on LiDAR devices and artificial intelligence (AI) software, Quanergy QORTEX DTC proprietary solution (Detection, Tracking, Classification, DTC [Detection, Tracking, Classification]) can play a key role in monitoring and regulating the flow of vehicles and people at intersections. This solution can also transmit data to connected vehicles. Combined with 5G cellular network technology, the QORTEX DTC solution provides the visibility and analytical information required by the various connected components of the city, ensuring a safe and efficient traffic flow.