Pony.ai will work with Horizon Robotics in a new strategic partnership to develop high-performance, cost-effective, smart driving solutions. The partnership will combine Pony.ai’s L2++ smart driving solution with Horizon Robotics’ Journey series processors to provide smart driving solutions for series production vehicles. The joint solution aims to offer enhanced flexibility for OEMs in response to heightened market demand.

The partnership has, so far, involved the launch of a highway Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) solution from Pony.ai based on a single Journey 5 computing platform. A prototype vehicle leveraging the both the platform and Pony.ai’s autonomous driving data (captured across dense and complex urban roads) completed highway NOA road tests in China during 2022, and is expected to be production-ready by Q2 2023. Another solution uses a dual Journey 5 platform to enable a NOA experience in cities and similar urban environments, which Pony.ai plans to launch before the end of the year.

The joint solution itself encompasses six cameras, one millimeter wave radar and the Journey 5 processor – offering a unified solution that helps OEMs minimize spending while reducing reliance on HD maps. Based on Pony.ai’s history of complex scene processing, and by considering the interaction between vehicles and their surroundings, the highway NOA function can intelligently navigate in congested driving situations.

In utilizing Horizon Robotics’ technology, Pony.ai aims to combine upstream and downstream value chain partners – forming a smart driving ecosystem with deep integration, efficient collaboration, and mass production. OEMs adopting the solution would then benefit from flexible and convenient smart driving options.