Pony.ai (Pony.ai) recently won the Beijing Municipal Government’s road test license for self-driving vehicles (known in the industry as “road test license”), becoming the first start-up company in the world to obtain Beijing autopilot drive test license . The T3 license obtained this time is also the highest level of self-driving road test license issued in China so far  – representing autonomous vehicles with a variety of comprehensive capabilities such as road condition awareness, traffic law compliance, route execution, and emergency response. Only two companies in China have obtained this level of license.

Beijing is currently the city with the longest open test roads in China – the first batch of open roads are located in the Beijing Economic Development Zone (Yizhuang), Shunyi District and Haidian District, with a total of 33, a total of 105 kilometers.

In December 2017, the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Economic Information Commission and other departments jointly formulated and issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Work of Accelerating the Road Testing of Automated Driving Vehicles in Beijing (Trial)” and “ Two documents of the Beijing Municipality on the Implementation of the Road Test Management Regulations for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial). These two documents clarify the conditions for the self-driving car on-road test, covering all the details of the qualification application, test details requirements and responsibility after the accident, thus also giving the green light for the autopilot road test.

In February 2018, Beijing further advanced its auto-driving policy: the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Economic Information Commission issued the “Contents and Methods of Road Testing Capability Assessment for Beijing Autopilot Vehicles (Trial)” and Two documents of “Technical Requirements for Beijing Automated Driving Vehicles Closed Test Site (Trial)”. These two documents are called the “examination outline” and the “test site construction guide”, which further refines the standards and test methods of the autopilot road test site. Under the guidance of these two documents, Beijing’s first automatic driving roads The car can finally be listed on the road.

Three months of the introduction of four auto-driving related policy documents, one ring, one to encourage innovation on the basis of ensuring safety, from the overall perspective of the car, road, car and car, car and road to achieve the automatic driving policy Top-level design.

Source: Pony.ai