Pony.ai has announced a strategic joint venture with SANY Heavy Truck, a subsidiary of SANY Heavy Industry, to develop a new autonomous truck brand. In deeply integrating Pony.ai’s virtual driver system with SANY’s technical accumulation in the field of wire-controlled chassis and vehicle development, the companies will jointly develop high-end heavy trucks that support L4 autonomy.

Their joint venture will initially commence small-scale deliveries of the L4 truck in 2022 and 2023. Following this rollout, both companies expect mass production to begin in 2024 – targeting an annual production capacity of around 10,000 trucks in the following years.

A prototype developed by the JV was built on SANY’s EV truck platform, and has already conducted road testing. As the new company develops, its autonomous truck product portfolio will provide a mix of both new energy and fuel-based vehicles, with the aim to increase the proportion of new energy trucks in the future.

The announcement follows the formation of Cyantron, a joint venture between Pony.ai and Sinotrans created to help enhance the digitalization and intelligence of vehicle transportation.