Perrone Robotics in partnership with Albemarle County and JAUNT announced that the pilot phase of Virginia’s first public autonomous shuttle service commenced operation in Crozet, Virginia. The shuttle service called AVNU (Autonomous Vehicle, Neighborhood Use) is driven by Perrone Robotics’ TONY (TO Navigate You) autonomous shuttle technology applied to a Polaris GEM.  This Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) shuttle has industry-leading perception and guidance capabilities and will drive fully autonomously (with safety driver) through County neighborhoods and downtown areas on public roads, navigating vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The base GEM vehicle meets federal safety standards for vehicles in its class.

The TONY-based AVNU shuttle will offer riders trips within local residential developments, trips to connect neighborhoods, and connections from these areas to the downtown business district. After the pilot phase, additional routes will be established to demonstrate Albemarle County development initiatives such as connector services for satellite parking, and connections with JAUNT’s commuter shuttles also targeted for autonomous operation with TONY technology.