PathPartner Technology announced that it will present its latest innovations in Digital Cockpit, Automotive ADAS, and Internet of Things (IoT) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia, being held in Shanghai, China.

The lineup of demonstrations includes:

Radar-Based In-Cabin Occupancy Monitoring

Advanced automotive interior occupancy monitoring using a radar-based sensing system coupled with PathPartner’s highly accurate and reliable radar SDK.

Driver Monitoring System with Facial Recognition

Reliable detection of driver drowsiness and inattention using a combination of advanced facial analysis algorithms and deep learning models. While there are several solutions available for monitoring drivers, PathPartner’s DMS provides a reliable, low cost, automotive-grade, single camera-based solution that can be easily customized for client needs.

Smart Vision Algorithm Suite For ADAS

Advanced deep learning model-based traffic sign recognition, vulnerable road-user detection and road object segmentation.

Ultra-Wideband Technology Based RTLS Solution

Indoor location tracking with one of the most advanced technologies that delivers unprecedented accuracy and security. This solution finds its use in various industries like Healthcare, Transportation, Retail, Warehouses, Logistics, etc.