NVIDIA has announced Drive Concierge and Drive Chauffeur, two AI platforms that aim to enhance the in-vehicle digital user experience.

The computer technology company detailed how the Software-defined vehicles of the future will incorporate two key computers built with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin. Drive Concierge will center around an AI in-vehicle assistant, while Drive Chauffer will focus on autonomous driving. DRIVE Concierge takes advantage of NVIDIA Drive’s IX and Omniverse Avatar technologies and works directly with DRIVE Chauffeur.

With DRIVE Concierge, vehicle occupants can access a variety of intelligent services through a real-time conversational AI assistant. The Omniverse Avatar connects speech AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines and simulation. Avatars created on the platform are interactive characters that can see, converse on a wide range of subjects, and understand naturally spoken intent.

The assistant works with DRIVE Concierge enable further convenience functions. Through it consumers can provide recommendations, book reservations, make phone calls and provide a variety of alerts. For instance, the assistant will alert the user if a valuable object, such as purse, is left behind in the vehicle. The assistant is personalized for each driver and passenger, giving every occupant their own personal concierge.

In a demo of the DRIVE Concierge AI platform during the GTC keynote, a digital assistant on the center dashboard screen helped a driver select the best driving mode to reach their destination on time. The platform also followed their request to alert the user when the car’s range drops below 100 miles.