Nullmax, an autonomous driving technology company, officially launched an autonomous driving system solution “MAX”, setting about the large-scale commercialization of autonomous driving in the Chinese market.

As a complete solution for passenger vehicle, MAX can provide a full set of autonomous driving functions including Highway Pilot (HWP), Traffic Jam Pilot (TJP) and Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP). With automotive grade sensors, embedded chip, and standard-compliant software and algorithms.

The system adopts a vision-based perception system of multi-sensor fusion, using camera, radar and ultrasonic sensor as the main sensors and carrying a driver monitoring system. Apart from these sub-modules like perception fusion, planning and control, the unique MaxOS platform also helps MAX perform better.

As a systematic solution, MAX makes comprehensive consideration of ODD and OEDR, and has a fully complete operational mechanism including condition monitoring, alert system, takeover request, minimum risk condition, shadow system, etc. MAX solution takes functional safety, SOTIF and cybersecurity into consideration.

In the next stage, Nullmax will provide MAX for Tier 1 and OEMs to facilitate the large-scale application of autonomous driving in China. It is predicted that mass production nomination of MAX will be made in 2019-2020, followed by the start of production (SOP) in 2021-2022 and continuous product optimization and upgrading in the next.