Beep will carry out a second project with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) as part of its Connected Autonomous Shuttle Supporting Innovation (CASSI) program. The six-month AV pilot will enable NCDOT and its faculty, staff, and students to research and evaluate the vehicle and the service it provides in a real-world, campus, environment.

The shuttle’s six-stop, 2.2-mile route connects the Popp Martin Student Union, Greek Village, academic buildings and dormitories, and the main campus light rail station located on the LYNX Blue Line. The LYNX Blue Line itself operates across 18 miles (28.9 miles) with 26 stations that connect users to 11 park-and-ride facilities, and directly to the UNC Charlotte campus.

In connecting the light rail system to its shared mobility service, Beep’s pilot will work to provide riders with further access to existing transportation services on the university campus. More broadly, the project features the longest route, most traffic signals, and the most complex operating environment for the NCDOT’s CASSI program to date.

After taking a ride in the autonomous shuttle at the center of the project, riders will be able to take a survey about their riding experience. It will provide the opportunity for participants to provide feedback while capturing perceptions of the AV’s safety, comfort, and convenience – with NCDOT leveraging the survey’s results to enhance the service over time.