Nissan announced pilot 2.0 on the skyline that allows the driver to set a destination in the navigation system and start navigation on the linked navigation route when it joins the main line of the expressway. When starting route driving, the system supports driving to the exit of the expressway on the route including overtaking and bifurcation, etc., by helping the driver to always pay attention to the road condition, traffic and vehicle.

As long as the vehicle can be operated reliably, hands-off is possible in the same lane, and the driver’s driving operation is widely supported. In addition, based on navigation and 360-degree sensing information, the system determines the appropriate start timing of a lane change for overtaking or fork during route driving, and proposes it to the driver. Then, the driver puts his hand on the steering wheel and starts the lane change assistance by approving it via a switch operation.

This Pro-Pilot 2.0 is a combination of camera, radar, sonar, GPS, 3D high precision map data (HD map) mounted on the vehicle, and 360 degree information around the vehicle and accurate position on the road figure at the same time, by grasping the complex movement of surrounding vehicles in real-time on the freeway, it achieves smooth driving such as a skilled driver.

The company plans to install the new Pro-Pilot 2.0 on the Skyline to be launched in Japan this fall.