NIO and Tencent have signed a strategic cooperation agreement through which they plan to carry out in-depth cooperation in a number of areas related to autonomous driving. These include autonomous driving cloud, smart driving map, and digital ecological community.

Through the collaboration, NIO is planning to work with Tencent on the development of an integrated hybrid cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure would provide up to exabyte-scale autonomous driving data storage, support the access efficiency of 1 million QPS at a trillion file size, and help customers improve the efficiency of their autonomous driving R&D operations.

Based on Tencent’s smart driving map and car map cloud products, NIO will create what it describes as a people-vehicle co-driving experience. This experience will integrate standard navigation and high-precision navigation, while exploring scenarios based on location-based services and an Internet ecology Smart service network. Within the field of the car map cloud, the two parties will create a personalized map experience with NIO characteristics based on the ‘car-map-cloud’ model for integration.

Together, the companies will also promote NIO’s digital ecological community, expanding its ecology alongside its portfolio of scenario-based user services.