Insurer seeks to augment existing mobile app-based UBI SmartRide program with TrueMotion’s technology to measure distracted driving

Nationwide is a major player in usage-based insurance technology. Through the SmartRide® Mobile App, safe driving habits are rewarded and members can save money on their auto insurance premiums.  Nationwide has selected TrueMotion to enhance the SmartRide program by collecting critical data about the prevalence of distracted driving. TrueMotion is the leading provider of turnkey, smartphone Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and Behavior Based Insurance (BBI) technology. Through a Software Development Kit integration within the existing SmartRide® Mobile App, TrueMotion’s smartphone-based service will provide granular data about frequency and type of distraction. TrueMotion’s technology does not collect content, but rather smart phone interaction while driving.

The partnership will deliver key information about the prevalence of distraction among drivers that can be used for research and development purposes, such as determining whether distracted driving is predictive of future loss. In the future, this information may ultimately help Nationwide better evaluate and modify its risk profile, and provide members with a new level of awareness about how to become a safer driver.

Source: TrueMotion