Mogo Auto have commenced operations on its intelligent transportation project in Hengyang City, Hunan Province. The project will provide the city with several autonomous mobility solutions and gradually expand over time. It follows the company receiving an investment of 500 million yuan (approximately $80 million) to carry out the project.

Hengyang City is one of China’s largest transportation hubs, with multiple highways and several railways operating throughout it. According to local media, the company plans to provide a multi-purpose solution that covers intelligent road construction, self-driving vehicle upgrades, and smart city transportation platform operations in cloud management.

In addition to its designed mileage of 200 kilometers (124 miles), there will be a 38-kilometer-long (23.6 miles) intelligent road which will launch in September during the project’s first phase. By then, there will be around 500 self-driving vehicles in the city – including autonomous buses, robotaxis, self-driving shuttle buses. The project will also utilize public service vehicles for firefighting, street sweeping, distributing, and emergency medical services.

Differing from its previous projects, Mogo Auto’s Hengyang project contains more complex traffic conditions. AVs will be deployed to a variety of areas – including main streets, the city center, tunnels, and flyovers, as well as roads in rural areas. The autonomous technology firm says that it will provide a Smart City Transportation Brain for real-time monitoring and overall scheduling to provide an easy, convenient, user experience and reduce traffic accidents or jams.