Argo AI has announced the expansion of its driverless operations to Miami, Florida and Austin, Texas. The two new cities bring the total number of its service locations to eight around the world. The firm, which Ford and the Volkswagen Group both hold a 40% stake in, has said that it already has multiple customer-facing pilot programs in the cities through which it plans to achieve its broader company goals.

Argo offers a suite of products and services that enable a variety of businesses to leverage its autonomous vehicles in their operations. Through a set of APIs known as Argo Connect, ridesharing, delivery and logistics companies can integrate these AVs into their own digital services.

Further offerings include Argo’s Autonomy Platform and its portfolio of Autonomy Solutions. Among them are Depot Manager, for streamlining daily fleet maintenance and Fleet Scheduler, to help orchestrate ride and delivery requests. Together, these solutions and more help businesses manage in-market services and depot operations.

The Argo Autonomy Platform is designed for integration with multiple vehicle form factors, with the company working closely with Ford and Volkswagen to follow a systems engineering approach for high-quality, reliable and safe operations. The Argo test fleet is currently made up of the Ford Escape Hybrid and VW’s all-electric ID. Buzz.

Argo’s operations coverage in Miami, Austin, and Washington, D.C. currently reaches more than two million people and thousands of businesses. As it expands, its service coverage is expected to grow to more than 15 million. In addition to these cities, Argo also operates in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Palo Alto, Munich and Hamburg.

This variety allows the firm’s technology to learn from a diverse range of road infrastructure and driving behaviors, establishing a vast data set to aid expansion worldwide. In Miami Beach, for example, Argo’s AVs operate on Lyft’s rideshare network – navigating complex traffic scenarios. A similar collaboration with Walmart supports integration with backend cloud infrastructure to connect Argo’s fleet with its partners’ digital services to drive customer engagement.