Gemeinsam zur Vision Zero: Mercedes-Benz und Transport for London machen die Straßen sicherer und entwickeln ein Road Safety Dashboard. United in Vision Zero: Mercedes-Benz and Transport for London make streets safer by developing the Road Safety Dashboard

Mercedes-Benz AG and Transport for London have announced the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Road Safety Dashboard. The collaboration will assist the English city’s exploration of how vehicle data (including ADAS data from Mercedes-Benz vehicles) can enhance safety for road users, pedestrians, and cyclists. 

The Road Safety Dashboard leverages a combination of ultrasound and radar sensors, alongside stereo cameras, to detect objects in the vehicle’s proximity. With these technologies, the dashboard can detect vehicles driving ahead, crossing, approaching from behind or oncoming. It can also detect pedestrians, road markings, and various types of traffic signs. 

The dashboard is based on individual alerts from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which can intervene in dangerous traffic situations to reduce the severity of collisions or avoid them entirely. If there is an accumulation of these interventions in a certain traffic area, patterns may emerge that the Road Safety Dashboard can analyze. 

If an auditory or visual warning is issued, or if the vehicle’s autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system is engaged, the vehicle’s ADAS data is anonymized and sent to Mercedes-Benz’s cloud server. Two algorithms then process this data in the backend. Firstly, the GPS positions with the accumulations of occurred interventions are identified. These potential collision blackspots are then thoroughly analyzed, and a risk score is calculated. Afterwards, the anonymized data is logged, integrated, and portrayed within the Road Safety Dashboard as a digital map. 

This data is then enriched with additional data provided by the city of London. This includes information about existing traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, previous vehicle collisions, as well as vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian density. Through this data, the Road Safety Dashboard identifies where action should be taken. It focuses primarily on the most vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists), prioritizing incidents in zones around schools, nurseries, and universities in London. 

Mercedes-Benz’s Urban Mobility Solutions team can integrate further features into the Road Safety Dashboard, including the ability to measure traffic volume, or provide a warning ahead of an area with slippery roads. Following its successful deployment in London, corresponding projects are underway in several cities across Europe.