Mando has acquired the autonomous vehicle testing permit in California following which California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV) added Mando America Corporation to its list of companies allowed to test autonomous vehicles.

With the acquisition of autonomous driving permit, Mando expects that the autonomous driving platform “Hockey”, which the company is developing independently, will advance even more quickly. In addition, the company hopes that Mando Innovations Silicon Valley (MISV), a R&D center opened in Silicon Valley in May of last year, will expand technological exchanges and collaborations with global companies in the area, in addition to finding and nurturing promising start-up companies to maximize the synergy effect in the field of autonomous driving technology.

A Mando’s official stated that the company’s objective in autonomous driving technology is to create a “level-4 (complete autonomous driving) platform based on technologies independently developed by the company, which will enable Mando safety systems to be effectively integrated into autonomous vehicles.

Source: Mando