Image-Grade 1550nm Fiber Laser Auto-Grade LiDAR

LSLiDAR has launched its new LS series 1550 nm fiber laser LiDAR at the China International Automotive Industry Annual Conference. The sensor is designed to meet long-range and high-resolution sensing requirements in ADAS L3+ applications along highways.

At the center of its wide feature set is a 500-metre detection capability and its ability to detect objects at up to 250 meters at 10% reflectivity. Additional configurations are available with detection range up to 2000 meters. The 1550 nm platform included in the LiDAR is also safer for the human eye, allowing for increased peak pulse power – reaching longer detection distances while maintaining eye safety.

Working with a FOV of 120° x 25°, the LS series has three point-cloud configurations: 128-line, which generates 1.6 million data points per second, 256-line, that generates 3.2 million points per second, and a 512-line configuration capable of generating 6.4 million points per second. This enables the vehicle systems to identify potential road hazards earlier.

The 128-line configuration has a standard resolution of 0.09° x 0.2°, though with the sensor’s Region of Interest (ROI) feature enabled, equivalent to 512 lines, the angular resolution can reach as little as 0.05°. The 256-line configuration has a standard resolution of 0.09° x 0.1°. When the ROI feature is enabled, equivalent to 800 lines here, the angular resolution can reach as little as 0.03°.

Further benefits stem from the sensor’s design, which is 20% smaller than comparable products and allows for lower battery consumption as a result. The LS series image-grade 1550 nm LiDAR is now available for OEMs worldwide. It is designed for full lineup ADAS applications.