LM Industries Group is opening a fleet challenge in Florida for its autonomous shuttle known as Olli. The challenge invites any municipalities, campuses, designated districts and transit or transportation operators in Florida to propose short-term, best-use scenarios for the self-driving shuttle, which is already operating at Sacramento State and in cooperation with a public transit system in Australia.

The Florida challenge follows similar, first-of-its-kind challenges in Sacramento, Calif., the Greater Washington, D.C. area, and internationally in Australia. Sacramento State, a public university in California, received its fleet of Olli shuttles in February after being named a winner of the challenge in December. Judges in the Greater Washington challenge are set to award a fleet to its winner later this month.

The entry window for the Florida challenge is open immediately and will close May 1. A winning entry is expected to be announced in late June. Olli shuttles will be deployed to the winning location once route mapping is completed.